About us

The field of activity of the “Nikovila” Group includes supply  spare parts of medical devices, health products, as well as repair, maintenance and consultation on matters related to buying, repairing and servicing this sector.

“Nikovila” Group consists of:

  • UAB “Nikovila Medical”, Lithuania
  • UAB “Brunhold Med”, Lithuania
  • FLCC “Nikovila”, Belorussia

Our technical experts are ready to solve Your specific problems. We are ready to support You, offering specially selected for You variety of medical equipment and complex solutions. In addition, to ensure delivery of the required quantity of medical equipment in accordance with Your needs, we may provide Your personal supply program. Choosing products that the “Nikovila” Group represents You can significantly increase Your profits and improve the quality of medical services for your customers.


  • warranty service and repair of medical devices of Philips Healthcare Company;
  • service of out-of-warranty medical devices;
  • repair of medical devices;
  • advisory services on aquisition and use of medical equipment;
  • trainings on use of medical equipment;