Medical equipment service and spare parts sales

The “Nikovila” Group provides wide variety of technical solutions and services in the market since 2010. It specializes in delivery of medical equipment and its spare parts and also is active in the field of warranty and post-warranty service on site and in the service centers.

We offer high-quality equipment and master services and also propose the best, customer-oriented solutions on buying or improving medical equipment. These long-term solutions are accurate and reliable, based on the principles of open standards and assurance of prudent use of funds of the customer.

The “Nikovila” Group is known as a reliable supplier of spare parts and high-quality service to provide the best ration of price, quality and reliability. Due to our fast and outstanding performance providing technical solutions and services, we have become known not only in Lithuania, but also in the markets of other nearby countries. On every day basis the “Nikovila” Group provides customer-oriented technical support, which allows our customers to leverage their medical features and optimize existing systems.

In any field of activity, our group uses its practical knowledge, experience, and wide range of medical equipment to improve processes of medical service. We always strive to be as close as possible to our customers!


  • warranty service and repair of medical devices of Philips Healthcare Company;
  • service of out-of-warranty medical devices;
  • repair of medical devices;
  • advisory services on aquisition and use of medical equipment;
  • trainings on use of medical equipment;